nuclear testing kazakhstan
First Soviet hydrogen bomb test (1953)

THE POLYGON Documentary: Radioactive Kazakhstan Uncovered with Kimberley Hawryluk + Scott Chrisman


Semipalatinsk Test Site - Kazakhstan

10-Minute Documentary on Nuclear Testing in Kazakhstan and The ATOM Project

Born of Nuclear Blast: Russia's Lake Chagan The "Atomic Lake" (2010)

Visiting The Soviet Union's Nuclear Testing Grounds

10-Minute Russian Language Documentary on Nuclear Testing in Kazakhstan and The ATOM Project

VICE on HBO Season 2: The Pink Gang Rebellion and Genetic Passport (Episode 7)

Kazakhstan's nuclear legacy - focus

Lake Chagan ("Atomic Lake") at the Semipalatinsk Test Site

Nuclear fallout in Kazakhstan

Site of the first Soviet nuclear weapon test (RDS-1)

Kazakh artist paints for a world without nuclear arms

Semipalatinsk nuclear test site "Earth’s Traumas" "???? ?????"

VICE on HBO Debrief: Genetic Passport

Mutant children in Kazakhstan

President Nazarbayev on Kazakhstan’s Vision for a Secure Nuclear Future

Kazakhstan: Russia successfully test-fires anti-ballistic missile

Kazakhstan: Opportunities for nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament

Towards a complete nuclear test ban

Semipalatinsk Test Site - 20th Anniversary of the Nuclear Test Ban

The Secretary-General visits Ground Zero of a former nuclear testing site in Kazakhstan today

First Soviet atomic blast (1949)

"My home: nuclear base Semipalatinsk-21", Episode 01 "First Memory"

Balapan Depth-of-Burial Experiments, Semipalatinsk - 1997

Kazakhstan for a nuclear weapon free world

International Day Against Nuclear Tests - IDANT

Scorched Earth: Nuke recovery in Kazakh steppes

[Documentary] Consequences of Nuclear testing in Xinjiang, China.

Nuclear Explosion Near Astana Concert Hall, Kazakhstan Confirms Foreshadowed Boston Bombing Family

????? Ecological problems of Kazakhstan ????????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????? ecology

Nuclear Terrorism: Loose Nukes - Trilateral Announcement with Russia and Kazakhstan (2012)

Semipalatinsk Test Site is the Most Radioactive Place on Earth

Silent Bombs

The history of Soviet Kazakhstan in pictures

"My home: nuclear base Semipalatinsk-21", Episode 05: "5 Kiloton Lake" - Call for Expedition!

RDS 37 nuclear test 1955


THE POLYGON Documentary Trailer with Filmmakers Kimberley Hawryluk and Scott Chrisman

Nuclear Bomb Test RDS-37 |b ????????? ???????????? ????? ??? 37

The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

"My home: nuclear base Semipalatinsk-21", Episode 07: "Locals"

Degelen (???????) Tunnel Neutralization Project - 1996

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