near cavity obliteration
Obliteration of Attico-Mastoid Defect ? Cholesteatoma Surgery(6 of 8) ; 3D (side by side)

mastoid obliteration & SWR


obliterated cavity.MP4

10th LION Broadcast. Reconstructive CSOM surgery with bony obliteration. Erwin Offeciers

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Long Axis

Retraction after obliteration tympanomastoidectomy

mastoidectomy right inside out

Magic of hysteroscpy by osama Shawki, Asherman total reconstructio 8 minutes

Right Mastoidectomy for Citellie's abscess with fistula

Magic of hysteroscopy by Osama Shawki,Asherman fantastic reconstruction

Paraganglioma type B2. Subtotal petrosectomy.

Ear, Nose and Throat


Endoscopic mastoidectomy

Art of hysteroscopy, Asherman from zero to perfection by osama shawki

Revision mastoidectomy

Interview with Dr. John L. Dornhoffer and Dr. Michael B. Gluth – Authors of “The Chronic Ear”

Popular Videos - Mastoidectomy

Modified Bondy's Mastoidectomy.flv

Intrauterine Adhesions on Sonohysterography

Modern Mastoid Surgery - Obliteration technique

Hysteroscopy for Asherman starting at level of internal OS by osama shawki.MPG

Fibroadenoma Removal Surgery

Complete Sebaceous Cyst Removal & Suturing.

Petrous Apex Cephalocele

Ashermans Syndrome say Shifa

Hysteroscopy Dr Rahul Manchanda

Popular Videos - Mastoidectomy & Medicine

Intrauterine Adhesiolysis


Video of a Mastoid Obliteration with bone pate.

Body stalk anomaly (limb-body wall complex)

Correction of Forehead [Frontal] bone fracture -- Craniofacial Surgery - Dr SM Balaji

Popular Videos - Mastoidectomy & Mastoid process

Canal wall reconstruction and mastoid obliteration with Ucar Flap

Popular Videos - Throat & Close-up

Popular Mastoid process & Cholesteatoma videos


Obliteration- Cordon Bleu of the curvacious body (old school death metal)

Intra-uterine Synechiae on top of Septate Uterus.

Popular Videos - Cholesteatoma & Mastoid process

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